The Moringa genus is the only member of the Moringaceae family, and it encompasses a wide range of plants, including flowering herbs and trees. The best known species within the genus is Moringa oleifera, commonly known as Horseradish treeBenzoliveKelor or Drumstick tree; the latter name is because of the drumstick-like shape of the long, curved seed pods characteristic of this species. This tree is native to the area surrounding the Himalayas in India but can grow anywhere in tropical and semi-arid climates. It grows to about ten meters in height and produces leaves and pods even when water supplies are scarce, allowing it to thrive in arid climates where few other plants can survive. Best known for its exceptional usefulness as a food and medicinal plant, nearly every part of Moringa oleifera can be used in one way or another to benefit humans and provide food and other valuable materials for farming and fuel needs.